Services & Rates

Actual Day:

Bride (morning/ evening): $300 (free trial makeup)

Bride (morning & evening): $500 (free trial makeup)

Bridesmaid / sisters: $100/ person

ROM: $250 (free trial makeup)

Pre-wedding Photoshoot:

1st look: $200 (at MUA premise)

2nd look onwards: $150/ look (each look for 2 hours outstation, any additional hour needed: $50/hour)

Dinner & Dance: $100

Our rate includes:
Primer (usual: $20)
Fake eyelashes (usual: $15)
Hair accessories rental
Early morning surcharge (usual: $40)

*All rate is subject to transportation cost ($40-50 depend on location)

** all rate is applicable for direct booking. For booking through Vanitee, please refer to rate stated in Apps.

you can contact by phone (91050764) or by email: